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Syngenta Photography Award: Exploring Global Challanges

About the Syngenta Photography Award

Through compelling imagery, the Syngenta Photography Award aims to draw attention and stimulate dialogue around key global challenges. The award offers photographers an international platform for their work and also provides the opportunity to explore issues of global significance.

The Syngenta Photography Award is designed for both professional and amateur photographers. There are two categories – the Professional Commission and the Open Competition – with US$65,000 in prizes, including a professional commission with a grant of up to US$25,000.

Why has Syngenta created the Syngenta Photography Award?

Photography has the capacity to transcend language barriers and communicate directly to people around the world, regardless of their culture and perceptions. The Syngenta Photography Award invites photographers worldwide to be a part of a creative dialogue about our changing planet, using their diverse and compelling imagery to draw attention to some of the greatest global challenges.

The increasing strain mankind places on land, water and energy resources to grow food, while simultaneously supporting booming urban populations, is unprecedented. Our future depends on finding solutions to these challenges. At Syngenta, we don’t have all of the answers. Instead, we must work together with our partners and stakeholders to find solutions.

This is why, through the Award, we invite everyone to take part in an important dialogue about our changing planet.It is our firm conviction photography can play a vital role in addressing these challenges, as well as provide strong imagery for key societal issues. We hope this dialogue will be inspirational and helpful in finding ways to create a more sustainable future.

What is Syngenta’s contribution to sustainability?

Syngenta is committed to making a measurable contribution to sustainability in order to tackle the food security challenge. We are already using our planet’s resources 50% faster than it can take and something needs to change. With The Good Growth Plan, Syngenta has committed to make a deep, lasting and positive impact on the farmers and rural communities who provide the world's food security and the long-term sustainability of our planet. Check out Syngenta’s Good Growth Plan.

Syngenta Photography Award Professional Commission

The Professional Commission invites professional photographers to explore the theme of the Award through a compelling series of 5-10 images and a creative project proposal of a maximum of 500 words that considers the theme in a more in-depth way for a commission worth $25,000.

All entries are judged by a distinguished international panel chaired by the author and curator William A. Ewing. The jury selects 3 finalists from the Professional Commission submissions based on the quality and technique of the work and the interpretation of the theme.

Three prizes are awarded in the Professional Commission category:

  • First prize: US$15,000, plus up to US$25,000 for the commission project
  • Second prize: US$10,000
  • Third prize: US$5,000.

Syngenta Photography Award Open Competition

The Syngenta Photography Award is an invitation to create images that make people stop and think. In the Open Competition, photographers aged 18 or over – whether amateur, professional, or student – are invited to visually explore the theme of the Award through compelling images.

Photographers are asked to submit between 1–3 images.

All entries are judged by a distinguished international panel chaired by the author and curator William A. Ewing. The jury selects the 3 finalists in the Open Competition based on the quality of their work and their interpretation of the theme.

Three prizes are awarded in the Open Competition:

  • First prize: US$5,000
  • Second prize: US$3,000
  • Third prize: US$2,000.

Open competition finalists work is exhibited in an international touring exhibition. The last two cycles were exhibited at somerset house